Opening of Al's Tacos BKK Branch

Al’s Tacos

Al grew up as a Cambodian-American from California who loved the fresh flavors of “SoCal” (Southern Californian) tacos. Al’s Taco stand was created to share the delicious taco street food concept with the Cambodian people, presenting a combination of the best traditional SoCal Mexican flavors alongside entirely new Khmer-inspired tacos.

What are Tacos?

A delicious street food originating in Central America, tacos are made by wrapping a delicious filling in a piece of special bread called a tortilla. Tacos can come in many flavors and are perfect for combining of rich and fresh flavors. They are great as a meal or a quick snack.

Food Philosophy

  1. We use only the best ingredients, buying local, chemical-free produce and sourcing our meat from Cambodian farmers whenever possible. Our cooking oils and component ingredients are the highest quality to protect your health.

  2. Hygiene is our highest priority; all produce is thoroughly washed, our food is produced in a sanitary kitchen with proper refrigeration and food separation, and our staff are highly trained and monitored.

  3. We have a commitment to reduce plastic waste.